Tips for Garage Renters

Tips for Garage Renters. Where ever you decide to store your vehicles, make sure your car is properly prepared. Here are a few tips for garage renters…

  1. Most importantly, change all the fluids including the oil, brake fluid and coolant. These fluids can damage your car if left for prolonged period of time. You also don’t want it to leak on the garage floor.
  2. Top off your gas tank. This will reduce the amount of moisture in your task and pervert the tank from rust and leakage. It will also prevent the tank’s seals from dry rot out. Consider a fuel stabilizer.
  3. Disconnect the battery. While a car is in storage, the battery will lose a charge. If you try to drive the car for 15 minutes every few weeks then this will help maintain the battery and the car lubricated. You may also want to invest in a trickle charger.
  4. Tire care. Cars that sit idle on its tires over a long period of time will develop flat spots, which means you will need new tires. This can be more of an issue in colder climates. As previously mentioned, if you’re able to drive the vehicle for about 20 minutes every few weeks you’ll be much better off. The easiest precaution you can take to prevent tire damage is getting your tires rotated and over-inflated. However, over the long term this won’t do for protection. In long-term cases, it’s a good idea to raise your car up on jack stands and removing the wheels if possible. 5. Remove or raise the windshield wipers. The rubber on the windshield wipers can start to stick to your windshield overtime. One way to prevent this is by placing a plastic cover between the windshield and wipers. But the ideal is to remove the wipers entirely or lift them up and away from the windsheild.

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Tips for Garage Renters
Tips for Garage Renters